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Welcome to the Livonia Family Physicians website and thank you for visiting.  We appreciate you taking the time to look at what our office can offer you for your medical services.  As you click on each category you will learn about our office staff and providers, our hours of availability and services we provide.  As you make a patient account for yourself and family members, you will complete forms, refill your medications, request an appointment or pay your bill on line.  We are currently working on an electronic system so that you will be able to access your medical records and view your test results on line.  We are always open to your suggestions and comments, so visit our survey link or email any ideas you may have.  We look to improve our website with you in mind.  

IMPORTANT:  Please note that the Patient Login page has been disabled.  You now must visit our new Patient Portal to access your account for prescription refills, appointment requests and review of your medical information.  If you have not visited the office for the web address, your personal ID and temporary password, please call the office at 734.464.9540 and a staff member will give you this information.  You will then have 24 hours to access and set up your account. 


We are now utilizing our Electronic Medical Records for billing and documentation.  You should no longer be receiving statements from CRT or phone calls from PAR Group.  If you do, please call Kim Newman at our office to discuss or make payments.  She can reached directly at 734.452.3063.  If she is unavailable, please leave her a message and she will return your call.

Over the last several years, Livonia Family Physicians has contributed a financial gift to the Livonia Family Physicians Scholarship Fund to the College of Health Professions at the University of Detroit Mercy.  There is certain criteria the recipient must meet before the decision is made as to who qualifies and eventually is awarded the scholarship.  The recipient of the 2013 scholarship wanted to share a bit of information regarding her receipt of this financial award:

My husband is an active duty Marine currently finishing up school to be an explosive ordinance technician.  I have exposure to such a unique client base being a Marine wife that I have been making moves to take advantage of that -- I have been going through an intense selection process to work as a PA in the United States Navy.  I would be working in a family practice on base caring for other wives, children and veterans - both active duty and retired.  I have been shadowing a local Naval PA and the work is so rewarding.  Please let Dr. Selznick know that I have used the scholarship to finance the last semester of grad school AND pay off half of a loan!  I passed the PANCE and obtained my license in the State of Michigan.  Please, thank him for me again - he has made the lives of this military couple a lot easier.  I am blessed to have received this scholarship.  ~Rachel                                                                                                                                     



ALL co-pays, deductibles and outstanding balances will be collected at the time of service.

Payment options:

Patients will have the option to pay cash, check, credit, HSA or FSA card.

New simplified payment policy called Credit Card on File (CCOF).

Please speak with one of our patient care specialists for assistance. 



If you request a copy of your medical records you will be required to pay the cost of the standard copying fee as follows:

  • $23.42 Initial Fee
  • $ 1.17 Per page for the first 20 pages
  • $ 0.59 Per page from pages 21-50
  • $ 0.23 Per page for pages 51+




Starfish Family Services Programs and Services



 You may have recently received a letter from POM ACO regarding participating in an Accountable Care Organization and Information on sharing your health information.  This is a legitimate letter as our office participates with this organization.  This letter is being sent to you on behalf of your physician in our office.  You do not need to do anything. If you continue your medical care with our office and providers and our name appears on your letter, you are all set.  Do not make any changes.  We will continue to provide the same quality of care that you are accustomed to.  If you would like to read additional information, please click the link below.  If you have any additional questions, you can call our office and speak with our staff.

POM ACO for Medicare Patients (click here)


Medicare now provides, FREE OF CHARGE, an annual wellness visit.

Please visit the "News" category to get all of the information
how to schedule and forms necessary to complete for the screening.


Envision Health weight management program is a 6 month lifestyle change program for Medicare
patients with a BMI > 30.  The goals of the program are to improve the patients overall health by
supporting them in the lifestyle changes needed to reduce weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood
sugar and overall cardiovascular risk.

You can click the link below to print the forms needed to attend the classes, however, you will need to see your primary care physician first for the Preventative Health Risk Screen and initial referral.  Please call the office today to see if you are able to participate.

Envision Health Wellness Program ~ click here to review and print the forms

Other nutrition programs are offered through the Wellness Center as well.  Please call the Quality Improvement Department at 248.471.0675 Option #6.

Click the link below to read about the success the program is having with weight loss, reductions in blood pressure and blood sugars.

Envision Health Update July 1, 2013


Please click here to read a very important message regarding our participation with Molina Healthcare.  Livonia Family Physicians will no longer be a participant effective March 1, 2013. 

Please click the following link to read an important message from Dr. Selznick regarding "Care Team" approach to medicine.

Care Team

Have you ever wondered how an osteopathic physician differs from an MD?  From philosophy of medicine to training?  Please click the following link to the American Osteopathic Association to readthis information. 




Please visit the "News" category to read important articles related to Health Care Reform.


We have had numerous requests from patients after their insurance has been billed and submitted to change their office visit codes to a preventative visit.  Alot of people have well exams or preventative services available once a year as a covered service on their policy. Please, discuss with your provider at the time of service - definately not after your insurance has been processed.  Our billing service cannot change a code after processing in order to make it a "covered" service.  If you are in the office for a physical - let your provider know immediately as they enter your exam room.  Let them know that you are in for a well exam and would like it billed as such.  Become familiar with your insurance coverage before you come into the office.  Not all lab tests are considered "routine" and cannot be billed associated with a well exam.  If you are in the office for a problem focused visit, it will be billed that way as well.  Please communicate with your provider so the billing is sent through correctly the first time and changes are not needed after the fact. 

Livonia Family Physicians feels very strong in supporting our military and their families.
We are the largest office in southeast Michigan serving the active and retired patients with
TriCare Insurance.  We will make special accomodations to our service men and women to
show them how much we appreciate their service to our community and our country.

Livonia Family Physicians made a monetary donation to help cover expenses to soldiers and their families upon their return from Afghanistan.

Operation Homecoming



The Helping Hands:Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, Inc. program trains monkeys for the disabled.  Our patients, the Webster's, have worked training monkeys for the past several years.  Unfortunately, some of the monkeys are prone to develop diabetes and require insulin.  To help defray the cost for their efforts with these wonderful animals, we would like to ask our patients if they are able to donate any unused or expired Lantus Insulin, syringes or Freestyle test strips. If you are able to provide any of these supplies, please call our office or drop the items off and we will forward to them.

If you would like to read additional information about this program and how these capuchin monkeys are trained, please click the links below:

Helping Hands Spinal Cord Injury Prevention Program

Monkey Helper Placement Program

Bringing together partners for life

Monkey Helpers

                             CONGRATULATIONS TO DR FRIEDMAN

                                "METRO PARENT MOM-APPROVED DOC".  
                                                   click here to read more






 Envision Diagnostic Center

                           Open March 2, 2011

Please visit "Medical Procedures" for additional information.


 December 1, 2010 began a new venture for Livonia Family Physicians, the formation of ENVISION MEDICAL GROUP PLLC.  Please click this link to read about our new group and what it means to you. 



WHAT IS A D.O.?   Click here to read more about osteopathic physicians and the differences between D.O.'s and M.D.'s.




Please click here to read important information.